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357 Campbell Road, Evansville, ON P0P 1E0
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Specializing in Watercolours, Pen & Ink Drawings and Coloured Pencil Drawings

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"If you have something to say
It does not matter if your talent is great or small,
As long as you learn to express it
To the fullest."

I made a series of self portraits when I was "becoming" an artist. At a time of life when I needed to find out more about how I really felt about myself (I've since found out this is a life-long discovery). I concluded that what I saw in myself was not the smooth face I presented to the world - it was bits and pieces of many experiences and emotions - love, hate, indifference, little scars, warm and cold memories. So I painted the little bits - this particular self portrait was done on tissue paper - to show how fragile the foundation of a person really is.

A true artist puts a little bit of themselves in everything that they draw and paint. And when you exhibit a painting you are really exposing a part of yourself naked. It can be a humbling experience. But rather than becoming smaller for giving part of yourself away, you grow. That's what being an artist is-- to me.

Every Little Bit of Me -- A Self-Portrait

Painting and drawing are my "tools" of self expression. I was very shy while I was growing up and drawing was a way for me to say what I couldn't get out in words. Although I've been able to overcome this problem somewhat, I still find it very rewarding to absorb myself in my art work-- in my need to show the simplicity and beauty in what I see around me every day. Whenever I start a new painting or drawing it's usually because something has made me stop and want to hold that moment in time-- something I want to share-- and I hope that I've done it well enough that whoever sees it will somehow know the way I felt at that moment.

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